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Settler-colonialist management of entrances to the native urban space in Palestine

In the pursuit of ethnically based settlements, Israel continues to illegally confiscate Palestinian land and populate it with settlers. A system of spatial control was devised to maintain the pace of settler spatial expansion. It is an ad hoc and elastic system that is continuously revised and upgraded, while new elements are added to it. This article studies the entrance/exit element that was added to the control infrastructure after the second Intifada.

The entrance/exit construct is an added detail in a spatial order that seeks to process the ‘entrance into’ and ‘exit from’ Palestinian urban areas, enclaves or reservations. This order aims to constrain the Palestinians into an increasingly shrinking space within the accumulative settler-colonialist process of land expropriation. Furthermore, this structure provides reference nodes that offer a perspective from above over the native space and movement. Consequently, these elements should be seen as physical structures that modulate both humans and space.

Cite as: Badarin, Emile 2015. “Settler-colonialist management of entrances to the native urban space in Palestine.” Settler Colonial Studies 5.3: 226-235.