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A Global South perception of the rise of China

This podcast reflects on why the people in the Global South consider the rise of China as a positive development in international politics.

Colonialism and Coloniality since the the invasion of the Americas in 1492

This discussion delves into the European invasion of the Americas and start of the European modern/colonial project since the 16th century. It explains the lasting structures of coloniality.

The Crusaders | First European settler-colonial invasion

Examining the first European settler-colonial invasion of Palestine and Syria in the 11th century. The discussion highlights the lasting impacts and the sort of structures it introduced, which underpin European modernity and coloniality.

Orientalism and the coloniality of Euro-modern knowledge

This podcast offers an in-depth analysis of the connections between coloniality and knowledge production by delving into the performative impact of orientalism. It discusses the role orientalism played in transforming, eliminating and replacing Islamic structures and epistemology with Euro-modern colonial alternatives.